Regenerative Medicine

Lasting Impression clinic in Fair Lawn, NJ, offers regenerative medicine therapy. Regenerative medicine includes stem cell, platelet-rich plasma, and exosome therapy. Learn more about your options and then schedule a consultation at Lasting Impression stem cell clinic. 

What Makes Regenerative Medicine So Revolutionary?

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Your body consists of cells that control different functions that range from growing hair to recovering after a musculoskeletal injury. As you age, those cells become less powerful, which is why you’re more apt to develop chronic, painful conditions while also suffering from cosmetic signs of aging. In the past, people chose to undergo surgery to correct these problems, meaning they had to deal with dangerous side effects and long recovery times. Regenerative medicine is poised to change that. This field of medicine uses stem cells, platelet-rich plasma, and exosomes to turn back the clock on aging. The therapy addresses physical and biological problems and can reduce pain and other symptoms associated with injuries, diseases, and aging. 


In the past, this revolutionary treatment was reserved for high-profile athletes like Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, and Hines Ward. Now, though, Lasting Impression stem cell clinic in Fair Lawn, NJ, has made regenerative therapy available for everyone. From young athletes who want to get back on the field faster to middle-aged and elderly New Jersey residents fighting against the clock, regenerative treatment can benefit countless people. 

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

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Stem cell therapy is at the forefront of regenerative medicine. It’s been part of medical practices for over seven decades, and while research is still being conducted, it’s shown promise regarding pain management. Lasting Impression clinic is an R3 Center of Excellence, putting it at the forefront of stem cell therapy research for pain management and other needs. 


Even though more research must be done, doctors are very pleased with the preliminary results found in medical studies and through first-hand accounts. Former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward is one such success story. With the Super Bowl on the horizon, Ward sprained his MCL. He decided to undergo PRP therapy and was back on the field in two weeks. His presence propelled the Steelers to a Super Bowl win. He is just one of the hundreds of athletes who have used regenerative medicine to avoid surgery and reduce downtime.


While many athletes choose PRP therapy, Lasting Impression stem cell clinic is also very excited about regenerative medicine that includes ethically sourced amniotic fluid. Plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists have long used amniotic fluid to treat wounds. Now, Lasting Impression stem cell clinic is studying its application to treat chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions. Lasting Impression stem cell clinic will continue to study the effectiveness and is excited to find new ways for regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy to help New Jersey residents.

PRP Therapy (Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy)

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a popular procedure with athletes and others who have chronic joint inflammation, muscle strains, cartilage defects, tendonitis, and arthritis. This treatment uses platelets from your own blood to increase function and reduce pain.


After drawing the blood, it’s put into a centrifuge to isolate the platelets. Your platelets are then injected into the treatment area, where they get to work. PRP therapy stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Also, because it reduces inflammation, you can expect your mobility to increase while your pain decreases. 

Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy

As an R3 Center of Excellence in Fair Lawn, NJ, Lasting Impression clinic also offers umbilical stem cell therapy. Lasting Impression stem cell clinic uses stem cells harvested from ethically sourced umbilical cords. All donors have consented to donate the cord tissue after undergoing scheduled C-sections. The tissue is only accepted when both the mother and the baby are healthy.


The tissue is sent to an FDA-certified facility, where it is processed with amniotic fluid and Wharton’s jelly. The material contains cytokines, microRNA, exosomes, growth factors, and a high concentration of stem cells. Many patients state they walk farther, experience less pain, and enjoy an improved quality of life after undergoing this treatment. 

Exosome Therapy

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Exosome therapy has emerged as one of the most promising regenerative medicine methods available in New Jersey and the rest of the world. Exosomes are tiny bubbles that are attached to cells. The bubbles contain information from the cell and can be released to communicate with other cells. When exosomes reach other cells, they attach and download the message. These messages tell the cells how to act. Exosomes from younger cells can cause older cells to roll back the clock. The messages make them act like younger cells. Because exosomes are released by stem cells, Lasting Impression stem cell clinic in NJ can use them to treat different conditions. 

Preparing for Your Regenerative Medicine Therapy at Lasting Impression

Regenerative medicine therapy is provided on an outpatient basis at Lasting Impression in Bergen County, NJ. Few preparations are needed before sexual function doctor njreceiving treatment. Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications. If you are on blood thinners, you might have to stop them after consulting with your doctor.  Drink plenty of water and get rest before your procedure.  Also, follow any additional instructions provided by your doctor.

Get more information about regenerative medicine by calling Lasting Impression stem cell clinic. Then, schedule a consultation to see if you’re a good candidate for regenerative medicine therapy.

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