Stem Cell Therapy & PRP Treatment in Manhattan, NYC

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Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Injection Treatments in Manhattan, NYC

Over the last decade, the field of stem cell and PRP therapy has evolved significantly. Stem cell therapy in NYC is used for a variety of purposes, including alleviating pain, improving quality of life, restoring the function of joints, and providing aesthetic benefits.

This medical care field focuses on providing patients with an alternative to oral medications or invasive surgical procedures. While numerous types of non-invasive interventions exist in Manhattan, two of the most prevalent are stem cell therapy and PRP injection treatments.

Both of these innovative treatments are available at the Lasting Impression Stem Cell Therapy Clinic, near Manhattan, NY. Our skilled clinicians provide every patient with expert guidance and direction to help them choose the best treatment for their unique needs.

Our therapeutic interventions can allow you to overcome a wide range of conditions, including arthritis, sexual dysfunction, signs of aging, soft-tissue injuries, and much more. If you would like to learn more about the potential benefits of our NYC stem cell treatments, contact our clinic today. 

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Stem Cell Therapy & Treatment in NYC

Our Manhattan (NYC) stem cell therapy services are at the leading edge of non-invasive treatment. Stem cell therapy uses your body’s own tissues to stimulate natural healing and rejuvenation. Stem cells are found in many different areas throughout the body, including within your adipose (fat) tissue.

When you come in for stem cell therapy at our NYC clinic, one of our practitioners will harvest a small amount of adipose tissue. Once the tissue is harvested, they will process it to separate and concentrate the stem cells. These cells will then be administered into your body via an injection. The exact location of the injection will vary depending on what condition you are receiving treatment for.

At Lasting Impression’s Manhattan stem cell therapy clinic, we can complete a treatment session in a single day. Since we use autologous (cells from your own body) stem cells and precise sterilization techniques, there is minimal risk of complication when receiving this type of treatment.

While many patients experience improvements in their condition within the first week, results vary from person to person. With that in mind, you can expect to experience noticeable benefits from your stem cell therapy in NYC within the first six to eight weeks. Your treatment will continue to improve your condition for up to six months or more.

If you are looking for an alternative treatment option for your chronic medical condition, our NYC stem cell therapy doctors look forward to being of service to you. We will gladly provide you with a free consultation so that you can decide whether stem cell therapy is the proper rejuvenating treatment for your unique condition.


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Stem Cell Therapy for Facial Rejuvenation in New York City

While many patients seek stem cell therapy in NYC to treat chronic pain, this innovative intervention can also be used for facial rejuvenation purposes. Our Manhattan stem cell treatment doctors have extensive experience performing facial rejuvenation procedures with adipose-derived stem cells.

Typically, facial rejuvenation is performed using dermal fillers. However, the body will eventually reabsorb these fillers, which means that the patient will require frequent follow-up treatments.

Another common approach is to undergo invasive surgical intervention. Unfortunately, this method requires medical professionals to make open incisions on the patient’s skin. The result is a lengthy healing process and the potential development of scar tissue.

Unlike the options described above, stem cell therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing capabilities. This means that stem cells can transform into new blood vessels, thereby improving the look of the patient’s skin. Stem cell-based facial lasts longer than dermal fillers and is much less invasive than surgical treatment options.

After receiving facial rejuvenation treatments at our New York City stem cell clinic, many patients experience long-lasting results. Common benefits include improvements to the color, tone, shape, and contours of the face. Stem cell treatment may also reduce or eliminate the appearance of blemishes or other age-related skin imperfections.

Are you ready to achieve smoother and younger-looking skin? If so, it is time to contact Lasting Impression for a stem cell facial rejuvenation appointment near Manhattan, NYC.  

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Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Restoration in Manhattan, New York City

Are you experiencing hair loss? Have you undergone other types of treatment, only to see subtle (if any) results? If so, then you may be the perfect candidate for hair restoration treatment at our NYC stem cell therapy clinic.

Our doctors can use prp therapy to help your hair restoration treatment. Unlike traditional interventions that involve relocating healthy hair follicles from other areas of your body, stem cell therapy stimulates hair’s natural growth. Stem cells can repair or replace damaged cells within these hair follicles, ultimately leading to hair growth.

Our professionals will need to harvest raw tissue from your body during treatment. After one of our clinicians has retrieved and concentrated the stem cells, the solution will be injected into your scalp. This PRP hair loss injection treatment protocol is highly effective at restoring thinning hair.

Would you like to find out whether you are a good candidate for hair restoration at our Manhattan stem cell therapy clinic? 

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Stem Cell Therapy for Sexual Function in NYC

In addition to other treatments, Lasting Impression offers stem cell therapy in NYC for sexual function. Whereas standard sexual function treatments rely on oral medications that provide short-term options, our stem cell therapy doctors treat the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.


Our treatment protocols utilize a combination of stem cell therapy and growth factors to resolve sexual dysfunction in Manhattan patients. As with our other treatments, the stem cells used for this therapy are harvested from adipose tissue.


After our doctors extract the requisite stem cells from the adipose tissue, they will administer the solution using a microneedle. This procedure creates virtually no discomfort, and our staff applies a local anesthetic before administering the stem cells.


Over the next several weeks, the stem cells will stimulate the regrowth of tissue. When paired with the growth factors, the autologous stem cells can improve sexual function and alleviate erectile issues.

If you are suffering and would like an alternative treatment option, then you may be an ideal candidate for our NYC sexual function stem cell therapy treatment. 


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PRP Therapy Clinic in New York City

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a substance obtained from the patient’s own blood. At our Manhattan, NYC PRP therapy clinic, we utilize this intervention to treat various conditions. PRP injections have helped patients experience accelerating healing following a soft tissue injury.


Platelets are one of several types of cells found within human blood. When blood vessels become damaged, your body emits signals received by platelets. The platelets will then respond to the damaged area and repair the blood vessel.


During a PRP treatment, one of our professionals will start by harvesting a small amount of blood. That blood is then placed in a centrifuge, which will separate the various components from one another. The four primary blood components are plasma, white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. A clinician will then inject the concentrated platelets and plasma back into your body.


By administering a high concentration of platelets to the site of an injury, our professionals can stimulate natural healing. Our Manhattan PRP therapy clinic and doctors have helped many patients shorten recovery times and get back to participating in activities they love.


Do you think that you may benefit from PRP treatment at our New Your City clinic?


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PRP Therapy For Joint or Knee Pain

PRP Injections in NYC

At our PRP injections clinic in New York City, we utilize platelet-rich plasma to treat various medical conditions and ailments. PRP is most commonly used to treat pain-causing conditions, including:

While PRP has helped thousands of patients experience less pain and a better range of motion, this innovative treatment can also be used for cosmetic purposes. At our Manhattan PRP injections clinic, we use platelet-rich plasma to treat patients suffering from thinning hair and male pattern baldness. PRP is also used for facial rejuvenation.

PRP injections are an incredibly safe and effective intervention because it uses your own blood. PRP treatments, like our Manhattan stem cell therapy services, have minimal risk of complications or side effects. This makes it a much safer option than many traditional treatment options where you may undergo the scalpel.

Not sure if PRP or stem cell therapy is the right intervention for your needs? Don’t worry. The knowledgeable doctors at our NYC PRP injection center can help match you with the treatment option that will provide you with the best possible outcome. 

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Why Choose Lasting Impression for Your Stem Cell Therapy or PRP Treatment?

Since it was founded, Lasting Impression has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our patients. At our Manhattan stem cell therapy and PRP treatment clinic, we are devoted to helping our patients feel and look better.

Our experienced team of clinicians and support staff takes the time to understand your needs. They leverage advanced stem cell and PRP therapy techniques to treat the source of your condition, not just mask your symptoms.

Whether you are suffering from chronic joint pain, you have limited mobility due to an activity-related injury, or you are generally dissatisfied with the appearance of your skin, you may be a great candidate for our stem cell and PRP interventions. 

Getting started with our PRP injections, stem cell, or PRP therapy is simple. Call our experienced doctors and specialists who will be happy to discuss your medical background and treatment options.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now at (201) 350-1131 and start your journey to a healthier and more enjoyable life with stem cell treatment in NYC. 

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