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Intro to Stem Cell Therapy in New Jersey

For years, non-invasive treatment options for chronic pain and soft tissue injuries have remained relatively unchanged. These interventions typically involve the use of oral medications, physical therapy, injections, and braces in order to mask painful symptoms. 


However, these approaches do not treat the root cause of the condition, which leaves many patients facing reduced mobility and a diminished quality of life.


Fortunately, Lasting Impression offers a variety of cutting-edge treatment options, including stem cell therapy in New Jersey. 


At our stem cell treatment center in New Jersey, our doctors use this unique type of cells to help patients who are suffering from a wide array of conditions. Unlike traditional non-surgical interventions, stem cell therapy is designed to address the actual cause of pain. 


Our New Jersey stem cell therapies have the potential to provide lasting benefits to patients.

If this sounds familiar, then you may be a great candidate for stem cell therapy in NJ. To learn more, simply contact our team to schedule your free consultation. 

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About Stem Cell Therapy

There are plenty of misconceptions about what stem cell therapy in New Jersey entails.


As the name suggests, stem cell therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses a biological resource known as “stem cells.” 


Stem cells are a unique type of cell that has the ability to transform into many other types of specialized cells. Stem cells can develop into muscle cells and other cells that comprise various bodily tissues.


During your New Jersey stem cell therapy session, our doctors will start by harvesting a tissue sample from your body. 


Prior to starting the harvesting procedure, a nurse will administer a local anesthetic in order to minimize discomfort. Once the sample is harvested, it is then quickly centrifuged into microfat stem cells.


After the cells have been concentrated, our New Jersey stem cell doctors will readminister them via injection. Stem cells are administered at or near the site of your pain. For instance, if you are experiencing chronic knee pain, then the stem cells will be administered to that specific joint.

While every patient experience is unique, most individuals begin to notice benefits within several weeks of receiving treatment at our New Jersey stem cell center. Gradually improvements may continue for up to six months after the initial treatment.


Lasting Impression Regenerative Medicine is pleased to offer stem cell therapy in the New Jersey area. Whether you have aching joints and pain that won’t go away, or you want to rejuvenate your skin or hair, we have a regenerative medicine option for you. Learn about our flagship therapies below or consider viewing our therapies page for additional treatments. The team at Lasting Impression Regenerative Medicine can help you determine if stem cell therapy is the right choice for you.

Stem Cell Treatment

Your body contains raw materials called stem cells. Stem cells have the power to become specialized cells, including bone and muscle cells. Stem cell treatment is a cutting-edge…

Stem Cell Joint Therapy

Joint pain isn’t just uncomfortable. It can be debilitating, making it impossible to enjoy your life. Stem cell joint therapy is a non-invasive treatment for painful conditions. 

Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation

You can improve the appearance of your age, without undergoing surgery, with a stem cell facial rejuvenation procedure. Our New Jersey stem cell doctor at Lasting Impression…


Autologous adipose is a type of stem cell therapy where cells from the patient are then delivered into the target area to harness the body’s natural recovery abilities…


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is one of the most exciting regenerative treatments available in Fair Lawn, NJ.  Non-invasive and fast results, people turn to PRP to alleviate pain, increase…


Are you dealing with acute or chronic pain that hasn’t responded to conventional treatment methods? You don’t want to undergo surgery, so you’re looking for another option…

Who Can Receive Stem Cell Therapy in New Jersey?

Our stem cell doctors in NJ use this innovative treatment to help a wide range of patients. Since stem cell treatment uses the patient’s own biological tissues, they are considered to be an extremely safe treatment option. 

When receiving this type of therapy, there is a minimal risk of complication or infection. This makes stem cell therapy a viable treatment option for patients of all ages.

If you would like to find out whether you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy in NJ, then it is time to connect with our experienced team. 

Simply call our clinic at (201) 350-1131 to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.

success stories

Countless people have enjoyed outstanding results after receiving treatment from an R3 Center of Excellent clinic. From finally overcoming chronic pain to feeling confident when looking in the mirror, these stem cell therapies have changed people’s lives. Meet some of these patients and listen to their success stories below. Then consider scheduling a consultation so you can become one of the many who has enjoyed exceptional results from our stem cell clinic in New Jersey!

Rod is a 53 year old patient in Omaha NE who has been suffering for years from shoulder pain due to bone on bone shoulder arthritis.

Doris had been suffering from knee pain, and underwent an IV infusion of regenerative cells.

Eunice showed up out of the blue to discuss her hip stem cell procedure which was three months prior.


Learn more about stem cell therapy and if it may be right for you by watching the videos in our library below.

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Personalized, Non-Invasive Stem Cell Treatment in New Jersey

What makes our stem cell treatment center in New Jersey truly unique is that we do not rely on generic treatment protocols. When you come in for stem cell therapy at our New Jersey clinic, you will receive the care and attention you deserve.


Our nurses and doctors ensure that every new patient relationship starts off on the right foot. We accomplish this by providing a thorough assessment of your medical conditions. 


In addition, our stem cell treatment doctors will carefully review your New Jersey medical records and treatment history. The purpose of this extensive process is to provide you with the best possible outcomes for your chronic pain or medical condition.


Once we have identified the cause or causes of your ailment, we will get to work developing a custom treatment plan just for you. This plan will leverage the vast experience of our entire clinical staff and may include other interventions that are designed to maximize the benefits of your stem cell therapy in New Jersey.

Customized Care at Our Stem Cell Therapy
Center in New Jersey

These individualized New Jersey stem cell treatment plans can often serve as a viable alternative to invasive surgical procedures. Many patients are able to delay surgical intervention for years. 

Stem cell therapy can potentially allow you to avoid surgery altogether. It has become increasingly popular as it involves virtually no downtime, unlike surgical procedures, which can impact your quality of life for months.

At Lasting Impression, we understand that no two cases are alike. That is why we pride ourselves on providing tailored, personalized care at our stem cell treatment clinic in New Jersey. 

If you would like to start your journey towards receiving non-invasive stem cell therapy at our center, then it is time to schedule your free consultation. 

Call our staff now at (201) 350-1131 to schedule your free consultation with our doctor.

Common Conditions for Stem Cell Therapy & Treatment in NJ

At Lasting Impression, our stem cell therapy doctors can use this innovative intervention to treat many different conditions.

Each year, millions of Americans suffer from chronic back pain. This pain may be linked to degenerative disc disease, arthritis, or a traumatic injury. 


Regardless of the cause, back conditions can cause anything from minor discomfort to downright debilitating pain. Traditionally, treatment options for back pain have included oral anti-inflammatory medications, rest, ice, and other interventions that are simply not that effective.


Fortunately, our team offers stem cell therapy for back pain in NJ. Many patients experience significant symptom improvement from stem cell therapy. This intervention has the potential to reduce inflammation and discomfort by repairing damaged tissues. 


By treating the source of the pain, our doctors have helped many patients experience a better quality of life and get back to participating in the activities they love. 


Consider stem cell therapy for back pain at our New Jersey, NJ clinic and receive a free consultation by our knowledgeable and caring doctors.

Chronic knee pain is another common ailment that can be particularly challenging to treat using traditional interventions outside of stem cell therapy.


Non-invasive options typically include oral medications, rest, ice, and the use of knee braces. Again, these approaches only mask the pain but do not provide lasting relief.


Patients suffering from severe knee pain or degeneration may even undergo knee replacement surgery. This extremely invasive option takes months to recover from and may still leave patients dealing with limited mobility and ongoing pain.


Stem cell therapy for knee pain at the Lasting Impression New Jersey center is a great alternative treatment option for many patients. This intervention has helped some individuals delay knee replacement surgery indefinitely while also providing lasting pain relief.

In addition to the two specific conditions outlined above, Lasting Impression also offers stem cell therapy for joint pain in New Jersey.


Virtually any joint-related condition can be treated using stem cell therapy. A few examples include the joints of the hips, shoulders, and ankles. Stem cell therapy can also be used to reduce the signs of aging and promote sexual wellness.


If you are experiencing chronic joint pain, contact us at 201.584.9262 to learn more about our abundance of stem cell therapy treatment options. We look forward to the opportunity to help you overcome chronic pain by leveraging the power of stem cells.

Why Choose Lasting Impression for Your New Jersey Stem Cell Therapy?

If you are searching for a team of doctors and medical professionals that truly care about your quality of life, look no further than Lasting Impression. 

Lasting Impression is one of the premier stem cell therapy centers in New Jersey. Our team of stem cell treatment doctors provide every patient with personalized care and cutting-edge treatment protocols in order to generate lasting results.

When you step into our office, we will provide you with individualized attention and a custom treatment plan that is designed to address your condition at its source. Our physicians will utilize every tool at their disposal to help you live a happier, healthier life.

So what are you waiting for? Stop letting chronic pain ruin your quality of life and partner with our New Jersey stem cell clinic. We will gladly provide you with no-obligation consultation so that you can decide whether stem cell therapy might be right for you. 

To get started now, simply give us a call at (201) 350-1131 for a free no-obligation consultation.


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