Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Restoration

Hair loss isn’t just a physical problem. It can lead to psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression, and social phobias. It used to be that you could either choose topical creams that are generally ineffective or go through a painful and expensive surgical procedure. Fortunately, there is a new option available at Lasting Impression stem cell clinic in Fair Lawn, NJ. You can undergo platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to help you grow more hair. This treatment is available for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss. Find out how this can help with growing more hair, and then contact us for a consultation.   

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss and Restoration

Before you undergo PRP treatment at Lasting Impression stem cell therapy clinic in NJ, you likely want to know how it works. The plasma in your blood contains platelets that have a generous amount of growth factors. Growth factors send signals to your cells, so they know what functions to perform. Researchers discovered that the growth factors stimulate the hair follicles, thus playing an integral role in growing more hair. When you get PRP injections for hair loss, you are essentially waking up your hair follicles and telling them to get to work. They respond by causing your hair to grow.

The Process of PRP for Hair Restoration

Lasting Impression stem cell therapy clinic in New Jersey provides PRP therapy in an outpatient setting. Your medical team will begin the process by drawing some blood. This is no different than getting blood drawn for medical labs during your annual physical. However, instead of sending the blood to the lab to check your levels, it is put into a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the platelets so you can get a heavy dose of growth factors during the treatment. 


It doesn’t take long to separate the platelets. Once it’s done, your doctor will prepare the injections. Then the doctor at Lasting Impression clinic in Bergen County, NJ, will inject the platelet-rich-plasma into your scalp on all the areas where your hair is thinning. Even if you have a lot of thinning hair, you can expect to be done in around a half-hour. 


The platelets send messages to the follicular progenitor cells, so they know to grow more hair.  By communicating with the hair follicles, PRP can reverse hair growth problems. It also increases the survival rate for hair follicles. Once stimulated, the growth stage typically lasts two to six years. Then you can undergo another treatment if you wish. 

Why Consider PRP for Hair Loss? 

People choose PRP for hair restoration for a number of reasons. First, when you undergo PRP at Lasting Impression stem cell therapy clinic in New Jersey, the team will use your blood. You don’t have to worry about your body rejecting the cells. You also don’t have to worry about getting a disease through the blood.


You can also expect a fast recovery process with PRP. It’s minimally invasive, and you can go back to your normal life quickly. Most people don’t require any downtime, although you need to avoid blow drying or coloring your hair for a couple of days. This is quite different from painful surgeries that require a lengthy recovery period. If you were to undergo surgery, you would need to miss work and social functions while you recover. The same is not true with PRP therapy. 


The results also appear quickly. Many people notice new hair growth and less shedding in a month. New hair can continue to grow for a full year after undergoing PRP in Fair Lawn, NJ. At that point, people see the full results of the treatment. Countless people are pleased with the results and excited to show their new, fuller head of hair off to the world. 


In the past, you had limited and undesirable hair restoration options. You were stuck between treatments that likely wouldn’t work and painful, expensive surgeries. Now, you can choose PRP therapy for hair loss at our NJ clinic. We offer this for men and women in different stages of hair loss. Contact us today to schedule a consultant at our stem cell therapy clinic in NJ. Our stem cell doctor will evaluate you and can explain the possible outcomes after you undergo the treatment. You can then schedule your treatment and start down the road to having a fuller head of hair. 

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