PRP Therapy (Platelet-Rich Plasma) in New Jersey

PRP therapy (Platelet-rich plasma) is one of the most exciting regenerative treatments available in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.  Non-invasive and fast results, people turn to PRP to alleviate pain, increase range of motion, improve sexual function, and more. In the past, PRP was only available to people with substantial bank accounts and the ability to travel overseas. Now, you can get affordable PRP treatments at Lasting Impression stem cell clinic in New Jersey. Discover what PRP can do for you and then contact the stem cell clinic to schedule a consultation.

What Is PRP Therapy?

PRP For Hair Loss & Restoration Treatment

Your blood contains platelets that are rich in the growth factors necessary for recovery. Platelets are so important that your blood releases them whenever you’re injured. The platelets then speed up the recovery process. However, without medical intervention, you’re limited to the number of platelets at the injury site. PRP therapy at Lasting Impression stem cell clinic in Fair Lawn, NJ, solves this problem. This doctor injects platelets directly into the problem area, giving your body a much-needed boost.


The process is quite simple. After drawing your blood, the doctor places it in a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates it to isolate the plasma and growth factors. The doctor then removes the plasma and growth factors from the centrifuge and puts them into a syringe. The solution is injected directly into the injured or painful area. The growth factors immediately get to work to provide pain relief, increase range of motion, and address the problems you might have. At the same time, the growth factors attract stem cells as well. Since stem cells differentiate into specialized cells, this doubles the power of the treatment. 


Because PRP uses your blood, it’s a natural treatment. You don’t have to worry about your body rejecting the injection. 

How Is PRP Used for Hip, Shoulder, and Knee Pain?

PRP Therapy For Joint or Knee Pain

Many New Jersey residents choose PRP therapy for hip, shoulder, and knee pain. The team at Lasting Impression stem cell therapy clinic prepares the treatment and then uses a sterile technique to inject it into the joint. The injection stimulates the inflammation process. Inflammation is the body’s natural way to address injuries, including hip, shoulder, and knee problems. 


The injection also causes stem cells to travel to the joint and turn into specialized cells. The PRP and stem cell therapy work together to help patients walk further, enjoy an increased range of motion, and more.


Countless athletes have used PRP therapy to help them get back on the field faster. These athletes include Tiger Woods, Brandon Roy, Kobe Bryant, and Alex Rodriguez. You don’t have to be a famous athlete to undergo the treatment, though. You can get PRP at Lasting Impression stem cell therapy clinic in Bergen County, NJ.

How Successful Is PRP Therapy for Joint Pain, Arthritis, and Soft Tissue Injury?

Because PRP therapy triggers the body’s inflammatory response, you might notice a slight increase in discomfort for the first two days. After that, many people experience pain relief. Some take a bit longer, but most see a significant reduction in pain within a few days.  


The pain relief and increased range of motion generally last for up to a year. However, Lasting Impression clinic in Fair Lawn, NJ, might recommend that you get injections every three to six months. By staying on a treatment plan, you reduce the risk of the pain coming back. 


Lasting Impression clinic creates treatment plans based on medical and scientific research. One such study is from the Hospital of Special Surgery in NYC. The medical team used PRP therapy for people with knee arthritis. More than 95 percent of the participants experienced pain relief and were able to avoid surgery. The researchers also determined that a single injection helped preserve cartilage in the knee.


Researchers at the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation conducted a study of PRP and traditional treatments for pain associated with degenerative disc disease. The researchers discovered that PRP provides functional improvement and pain reduction. The participants sustained the results for more than a year. 


These are just two of the studies that show the effectiveness of PRP therapy. Your doctor at Lasting Impression stem cell therapy clinic can go over additional research during your consultation. 

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

PRT therapy for hair loss in New Jersey

Lasting Impression clinic in NJ also provides PRP treatments for hair loss. The growth factors stimulate hair follicles, causing the hair to grow. Many New Jersey residents prefer this over surgical hair transplants since it’s more comfortable and affordable. Most people don’t have any downtime after PRP therapy for hair loss. 

PRP for Sexual Health, Function, and Wellness 

Sexual problems are a typical sign of aging. Lasting Impression stem cell clinic in New Jersey uses PRP therapy to address sexual health, function, and wellness. 


When men age, they often have erectile dysfunction. PRP therapy increases circulation, causing stronger and firmer erections. The increased circulation can also improve the sensations the penis experiences during intercourse. PRP can be as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with Viagra or another ED treatment. 


As women age, they often have problems with arousal or discomfort. The growth factors in PRP therapy can improve women’s sex drive and increase lubrication during intercourse. PRP therapy has also proven effective in helping women attain orgasm. 

Preparing for Your Treatment 

You don’t have to do much to prepare for PRP treatment at the Lasting Impression stem cell therapy clinic in Fair Lawn, NJ. Your doctor will provide specific instructions, including what medications you can and cannot take before therapy. Most people do not experience any side effects after PRP, except for a bit of tenderness at the injection site. This tenderness generally goes away within 48 hours.


PRP therapy is used to address a multitude of issues, ranging from pain and discomfort to sexual dysfunction. If you are interested in using PRP therapy, reach out to the Lasting Impression clinic in Bergen County, NJ. You can schedule a consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate for this innovative treatment.

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