Lasting Impression Regenerative Medicine is an R3 Center of Excellence in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. We have this distinction by offering stem cell therapies and treatment designed to repair, regenerate, and revitalize our patients. Our experienced medical team ensures that each procedure is properly administered so patients receive optimal results. Our team is trained to use stem cell therapies to treat chronic pain, joint pain, sexual function, thinning hair and signs of aging. Please take a moment to meet our team and we look forward to hearing from you.


Roel Galope, DO

Medical Director

Venus Galope RN, BSN

Founder & Owner

Roel Galope, Doctor of Osteopathy

Dr. Galope is the head of our New Jersey stem cell clinic. He attended the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, where he earned a doctoral degree in Osteopathic Medicine. Upon graduation, he traveled to the East Coast to complete an internship and residency in radiology. Sparked by his interest in radiology, he then went to Proscan Imaging in Cincinnati for his magnetic resonance imaging fellowship. He spent more than a decade as a New Jersey radiologist and is certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Radiology.


Even as a successful radiologist, Dr. Galope couldn’t ignore his interest in aesthetic medical care and stem cell therapy. After undergoing additional training, he became a member of the International Academy of Aesthetics and the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics, as well as a Bauman Certified HairCoach.


While each new accomplishment and membership is exciting, he’s most pleased to oversee an R3 Center of Excellence in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. He enjoys helping patients by providing stem cell therapy that is personalized and designed to target the underlying issue. Many patients who suffer from chronic pain and other debilitating conditions may find relief with Dr. Galope’s customized regenerative medicine treatment plans. 


Dr. Galope is joined by clinic founder Venus Galope and receptionist Nirma Hernandez. Schedule a consultation to meet the team of the R3 Center of Excellence in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

Why Choose an R3 Center of Excellence?

Incoming patients who are familiar with stem cell therapy will highly consider Lasting Impression Regenerative Medicine because it’s an R3 Center of Excellence. However, you might be unclear as to why that’s important.


As an R3 Center of Excellence, the team is dedicated to researching and discovering new ways to use stem cell therapy to help patients. This includes the type of products as well as the treatment techniques and operating experience. The team is also dedicated to making stem cell treatment more accessible to New Jersey residents. 


If you would like to learn more about our New Jersey stem cell clinic and the treatments we offer, please contact us. We can then schedule a consultation followed by an evaluation including a personalized care strategy.

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